A Subject Guide to the Le Faye Edition of Jane Austen's Letters


(ref. To 'had it cut lately').
Lett. 13, p. 24

(ref. To 'cutting off her hair').
Lett. 52, p. 128

(ref. To 'Taylors & Haircutters').
Lett. 94, p. 244

(ref. To 'had it cut lately').
Lett. 13, p. 24

(ref. To 'did my hair').
Lett. 24, p. 53

(ref. To 'fasten'd up my hair').
Lett. 39, p. 95

(ref. To 'dressing her hair').
Lett. 45, p. 108

(ref. To 'hair done up').
Lett. 84, p. 211

(ref. To 'curled me out').
Lett. 87, p. 220

(ref. To 'as my hair was dressing').
Lett. 88, p. 223

Hair- Powdering of
(ref. To 'powdering in his hair').
Lett. 18, p. 37

Hales, Lady-
(see Biog. Index). Lett. 4, p. 7

Hamilton, Elizabeth- (author)
(ref. To 'Miss Hamilton') (see Note).
Lett. 96, p. 252

Hamlet- (play); (full title: The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark). Author: William Shakespeare.
(ref. To 'Hamlet").
Lett. 70, p. 181

Hams- Curing of
(ref. To 'to cure six Hams').
Lett. 56, p. 141

Hands- Shaking Of
(ref. To 'for we shake hands').
Lett. 37, p. 87

Hanging- (Execution)
(ref. To 'comes to be hanged').
Lett. 71, p. 182

Harassment- Sexual
(ref. To 'with Mr. Holder').
Lett. 33, p. 78

Harem- (a Moslem man's wives and Concubines).
(ref. To 'his Harem') (see Note).
Lett. 77, p. 196

Haricot Mutton- (a highly seasoned stew of lamb or mutton and vegetables).
Lett. 11, p.20

Harriers- (dogs used for hunting hares or rabbits).
(ref. To 'the Harriers').
Lett. 90, p. 230

Hartshorn- (Ammonia in a water solution).
(ref. To 'taking hartshorn').
Lett. 47, p. 113

Hartz Demon- (mythical giant wild man of the mountains and Hartz Forest in Germany).
(ref. To 'History of the Hartz Demon').
Lett. 146, p. 323

Hatton, Lady-
(see Lady Elizabeth Finch-Hatton).

Hats, Paper-
(ref. To 'all the old paper hats').
Lett. 1, p. 2

Hawkins, Laetitia Matilda-(author).
(ref. To 'Roseanne') (see Note).
Lett. 118, p. 289

Henry IV- (play, Part I) Author: William Shakespeare.
(ref. To 'Shrewsbury Clock') (see Note).
Lett. 28, p. 64

Henry, Robert- (author)
(ref. To 'Henry's History of England') (see Note).
Lett. 26, p. 59

Herbal Medicines-
(ref. To 'her bitters').
Lett. 9, p. 14

(ref. To 'Dandelion Tea').
Lett. 10, p. 16

(ref. To 'Huxham's Tincture of Bark'). (see Note).
Lett. 52, p. 127

(ref. To 'oil of sweet almonds').
Lett. 56, p. 140

(ref. To 'Mr. Lyford's prescription);
(prescription was oil of sweet almonds).
Lett. 57, p. 144

The Heroine, or the Adventures of Cherubina. (novel). Author: Eaton Stannard Bennett
(ref. To 'The Heroine').
Lett. 97, p. 255-256

The History of Great Britain, from the Invasion of it by the Romans under Julius Caesar. (nonfiction). Author: Robert Henry
(ref. To 'Henry's History of Great Britain. (see Note).
Lett. 26, p. 59

History of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade. Author: Thomas Clarkson.
(ref. To 'with Clarkson or Buchanan'). (see Note).
Lett. 78, p. 198

Hogarth, William- (painter,engraver).
(ref. To 'some fat Woman') (see Note).
Lett. 7, p. 12

Hogsback, The- (scenic hills near Guilford, England).
(see Note). Lett. 209-2 10

(see Note). Lett. 66, p. 170

Honeywood, Lady-
(see Biog. Index).
Lett. 96, p. 251-252

Hook, James- (author)
(ref. To 'Hook's Lesson's') (see Note).
Lett. 88, P. 224

Hops- (plant used for brewing beer).
(ref. To 'price of the hops).
Lett. 25, p. 55

(ref. To 'Bacon, Hay, Hops').
Lett. 36, p. 85

Horseback Riding School-at Bath
(ref. To 'same Ridinghouse') (see Note).
Lett. 43, p. 99

Horse Races-
(ref. To Newberry races').
Lett. 54, p. 136

(ref. To 'is in Berkshire').
Lett. 55, p. 137

(ref. To 'will have wet races').
Lett. 89. p. 228

(ref. To Basingstoke Races').
Lett. 91, p. 233

Horse Races-
(ref. To 'the Canterbury Races').
Lett. 105, p. 270

(ref. To 'at the Races').
Lett. 109, p. 279

(ref. To 'for the Races').
Lett. 145, p. 322

(ref. To 'animal kicked him down').
Lett. 14, p. 27

(ref. To 'pair of coach horses').
Lett. 22, p. 47

(ref. To bought a new horse').
Lett. 23, p.50

(ref. To 'the brown mare').
Lett. 30, p. 71

(ref. To 'buy another horse').
Lett. 49, p. 116

(ref. To 'keep three horses').
Lett. 63, p. 160

(ref. To 'his own horses').
Lett. 97, p. 255

(ref. To 'there is a Hospital').
Lett. 159, p. 340

(ref. To 'I carry about the keys').
Lett. 10,p. 17

(ref. To 'I am a very good Housekeeper').
Lett. 11,p.20

(ref. To 'the general dirtiness').
Lett. 39, p. 93

(ref. To 'this week we shall do more').
Lett. 50, p. 121

(ref. To 'clean the new House').
Lett. 51, p. 123

(ref. To 'cure six Hams').
Lett. 56, p. 141

(ref. To 'hampers of apples').
Lett. 60, p. 152

(ref. To 'the storecloset').
Lett. 61, p. 155
Lett. 66, p. 169
Lett. 67, p. 173

(ref. To 'care of the house').
Lett. 145, p. 321

Hunter, Mrs. Rachel- (author)
(ref. To 'Palmerstone') (see Note).
Lett. 45, p. 107

(ref. To 'the Flint Family') (see Note).
Lett. 76(C), p. 195

Hunting- (mounted pursuit of foxes and stags; "Shooting" referred to the pursuit of wildfowl, hares and rabbits on foot)
(ref. To 'I may kill a few').
Lett. 4, p. 7

(ref. To' his two brace').
Lett. 6, p. 10

(ref. To 'other day in hunting').
Lett.25, p. 56

(ref. To 'on the matter of game) (see Note).
Lett. 47, p. 112

(ref. To '4 brace of birds').
Lett. 56, p. 140

(ref. To 'some shooting').
Lett. 62, p. 158

(ref. To 'to shoot some rabbits').
Lett. 77, p. 196

(ref. To 'Pheasant Shooting').
Lett. 87, p. 219

(ref. to. 'has been shooting').
Lett. 88, P. 222

(ref. To 'goes out shooting').
Lett. 89, p. 225

(ref. To 'Growse & Partridges').
Lett. 90, p. 230

(ref. To 'shooting & getting wet').
Lett. 91, p. 233

(ref. To 'shoot with the young men').
Lett. 91, p. 234

(ref. To gone out shooting').
Lett. 92, p. 240

(ref. To 'go out shooting').
Lett. 93, p. 243

Huxham's Tincture of Bark-(medicine)
(ref. To 'I hope Huxham').
Lett. 52, p. 127

Hypocrite, The- (play) Author: Isaac Bickerstaff
(ref. To 'saw the Hypocrite') (see Note).
Lett. 71, p. 184

(ref. To 'no Ice in the Town').
Lett. 39, p. 92

(ref. To 'I shall eat Ice and drink French wine'); (poss ref. To a frozen dessert or pastry).
Lett. 55, p. 139