A Subject Guide to the Le Faye Edition of Jane Austen's Letters


Illness- (Pseudo)
(ref. To 'old tricks of ill health').
Lett. 81, p. 206

See 'Diseases-(& Illnesses)'

Illusion of the Trances of Nourjahad- (play); attributed to Samuel James Arnold); (play based on a Persian tale written by Frances Chamberlaine Sheridan).
(ref. To 'whole of Illusion') (see Note).
Lett. 98, p. 257

Indian Jugglers-
(ref. To 'see Indian Jugglers') (see Note).
Lett. 99. p. 261

'Bull & George'-
Lett. 9, p. 14
Lett. 52, p.125

'the Blue Boar'-
Lett. 72, p. 185

'the White Hart'-
Lett. 87, p. 221

An Inquiry into the Duties of The Female Sex- (nonfiction) Author: Thomas Gisborne.
(ref. To 'Gisborne') (see Note).
Lett. 47, p. 112

Inscription, The- (for a Memorial Tablet)
(ref. To 'no Inscription yet drawn').
Lett. 89, P. 225

(ref. To 'to him at Cork').
Lett. 4, p. 6

(ref. To 'gone to Cork').
Lett. 6, p. 10

(ref. To 'to Ireland').
Lett. 86, p. 217

Irish linen-
(ref. To' the Irish') (see Note).
Lett. 12, p. 22

(ref. To a piece of Irish').
Lett. 18, p. 38

(ref. To 'Irish Do. At 6.0').
Lett. 87, p. 219

(ref. To 'delighted about the Mangle'); machine for smoothing sheets).
(See under 'Mangle')

Island, The- (the Isle of Wight); (English Channel Island off Southampton).
(See under 'Isle of Wight').

Isle of Wight-
(ref. To 'to the Island').
Lett. 27, p. 61
Lett. 54, p. 133, 135

(ref. To 'in the Island').
Lett.55, p. 136, 138.

(ref. To 'our Yarmouth Division') (see Note).
Lett. 56, p. 141

(ref. To 'at Cowes').
Lett. 73, p. 188
Lett. 75, p. 193

Italian- (Language)
('scraps of Italian & French').
Lett. 38, p. 90

(ref. To 'John Bond est a lui').
Lett. 31, p. 73

Itchen Ferry-
(ref. To 'from the Itchen Ferry') (see note).
Lett. 60, p. 151

Ivory- (description of writing).
(ref. To '(two inches wide) of Ivory on which I work').
Lett. 146, p. 323