A Subject Guide to the Le Faye Edition of Jane Austen's Letters


(ref. To 'Kangeroons') (see Note).
Lett. 34, p. 80

Keane, Edmund- (actor)
(ref. Tot Mr. Keen').(see Note).
Lett. 97, p. 256

(ref. To 'with Kean').
Lett. 98, p. 257

Kensington Gardens- (London)
('walk in Kensington Gardens').
Lett. 71, p. 184

King George III-
(See under George III, King).

King George IV-
(See under George IV, King).

King John- (play); (full title- The Life and Death of King John). Author: William Shakespeare
(ref. To 'King John').
Lett. 70, p. 181

King of Sweden-
Lett. 90, p. 229

(ref. To' glove-knitting').
Lett. 78, p. 198

(ref. To 'garters').
Lett. 78, p. 200

(ref. To 'knitting white yarn').
Lett. 103, p. 266

Kotzebue. August F.F. von
(ref. To 'Play on Saturday') (see Note).
Lett. 22. p. 47