A Subject Guide to the Le Faye Edition of Jane Austen's Letters


Labyrinth, the- (Bath,England).
Lett. 32. p. 76

(ref. to 'pattern of its' lace').
Lett. 29, p. 42

Lace Man, The- (travelling merchant).
(ref. To 'the Lace Man was here').
Lett. 10, p. 17

Lady Bolton- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 24, p. 53

Lady Catherine Brecknell- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 72, p.186

Lady Dorothy Bridges-
(see under: Bridges, Lady Dorothy)

Lady Eleanor Bridges-
(see under: Bridges, Lady Eleanor)

Lady Fanny Bridges-
(see under: Bridges, Lady Fanny)

Lady Conyngham-
(see Biog. Index); (see Note).
Lett. 14, p. 27

Ladyday- (Church Festival on March 25. Commemorates the Angel Gabriel's announcement to Virgin Mary).
Lett. 62, p. 158

Lady Dortchester-
(see Biog. Index). Lett. 16, p. 32

Lady Fagg-
(see Biog. Index). Lett. 96, p. 253

Lady Charlotte Finch-Hatton- (see Biog. Index).
(ref. To 'no Lady Charlottes') (see Note).
Lett. 105, p. 270

Lady Elizabeth Finch-Hatton- (see Biog. Index).
(ref. To 'Lady Elizabeth Hatton').
Lett. 46, p. 109
Lett. 96, p. 253

(ref. To 'Lady Elizabeth') (see Note).
Lett. 94, p. 246

Lady Forbes-
(see Biog. Index).
Lett. 46, p. 109

Lady Hales-
(see Biog. Index).
Lett. 4, p. 7

Lady Hatton-
(see under: Lady Elizabeth Finch-Hatton).

Lady Honeywood- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 96, p. 25 1-252.

Lady Leven- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 44, p. 105

Lady Maclaim, the Victim of Villany- (novel)
(ref. To 'the Flint family') (see Note).
Lett. 76(C),p. 195

Lady Mildmay- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 15, p. 29

Lady of the Lake: a Poem in Six Cantos. Author: Sir Walter Scott. (see Note).
Lett. 75, p. 194

Lady Oxford- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 82, p. 208

Lady Pilkington-(see Biog. Index).
(ref. To' Lady P') (see Note).
Lett. 159, p. 341

Lady Portmore-(see Biog. Index)
(ref. To 'Lady Catherine').
Lett. 52, p. 127

Lady Portsmouth-(see Biog. Index).
Lett. 24, p. 53

Lady Kerr- (see Biog. Index).
(ref. To 'Lady Robert') (see Note).
Lett. 87, p. 218

Lady Rivers- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 1, p. 1

Lady Roden- (see Biog. Index) (see Note).
Lett. 44, p. 105

Lady Frances St. Lawrence- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 60, p. 151

Lady Sondes- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 6, p. 9
Lett. 63, p. 159, 161.

Lady Waltham-(see Biog. Index).
Lett. 5, p. 8

Lady Caroline Wellesley- (see Biog. Index under Paget Family).
(ref. To 'Lady Caroline') (see Note).
Lett. 153, p. 333

Lady Williams-(Mary) (see Biog. Index, Sir Thomas Williams).
(ref. To 'Lady XV').
Lett. 81, p. 206

(ref. To 'Lady Williams').
Lett. 92, p. 240

Lady Willoughby-(see Biog. Index).
Lett. 20, p. 43

La Fontaine. Jean de- (author)
(ref. To 'Tableau de Famille') (see Note).
Lett. 125(A). p. 297

The Lake of Killarney: a Novel. Author: Anna Maria Porter
(ref. To Lake of 'Killarney') (see Note).
Lett. 60, P. 151

(See under specific languages:
French, Italian, Latin).

Lathom, Francis- (author)
(ref. To 'the Midnight Bell') (see Note).
Lett. 9, p. 15

Latin- Poss. Knowledge of
(ref. To 'Galinies')-(see Note); (from the Latin Gallina, a hen).
Lett. 31, p. 73

(ref. To' Virgil').(see Note).
Lett. 66, p. 170

(ref. To 'Ovid'). (see Note).
Lett. 66, p. 170

(ref. To 'Propia Que Maribus')(see Note).
Lett. 66, p. 170

(ref. To 'begun learning Latin').
Lett. 148, p. 324

Laudanum- (medicine containing Opium).
Lett. 10, p. 6

Lavender Water- (a perfume or toilet water made from the flowers of the Lavender plant).
(ref. To 'Steele's Lavender Water').
Lett. 31. p. 72

(ref. To 'his lawsuits').
Lett. 98, p. 260

(ref. To 'in his cause').
Lett. 121, p. 292

Lennox, Charlotte- (author)
(ref. To 'Female Quixote').
Lett. 49. p. 116

Lesage. Alain Rene- (author)
(ref. To 'Le Sage').
Lett. 132(A), p. 307

Les Veilles du Chateau - (novel) Author: Comtesse de Genlis
(ref. To 'les Veilles du Chateau') (see Note).
Lett. 25, p. 54

Letters From England, by Dom Manuel Alvarez Espriella- (novel) Author: Robert Southey
(ref. To 'Espriella's Letters') (see Note).
Lett. 56, p. 141

Letters From Mrs. Palmerstone to Her Daughters, inculcating Morality by Entertaining Narratives. (novel) Author: Mrs. Rachel Hunter
(ref. To 'quite Palmerstone') (see Note).
Lett. 45, p. 107

Letters From the Mountain: Being the Real Correspondance of a Lady, Between the Years 1773 and 1807. Author: Mrs. Anne Grant
(ref. To 'Mrs. Grant' Letters') (see Note).
Lett. 51, p. 123

(ref. To 'Mrs. Grant's Letters').
Lett. 78, p. 198

(ref. To 'Letters From the Mountain').
Lett. 78, p. 200

Letters on the Modern History and Political Aspects of Europe. (nonfiction) Author: John Bigland
(ref. To 'Modern Europe') (see Note).
Lett. 89, p. 227

Letters- Paying postage For
(ref. To 'paying for').
Lett. 57, p. 143

(ref. To 'the twopenny post').
Lett. 97, p. 255

(ref. To 'worth paying for').
Lett. 144, p.318

Letters To and from the Late Samuel Johnson- (nonfiction). Author: Hester Lynch Piozzi.
(ref. To 'Mrs. Piozzi') (see Note).
Lett. 21, p. 44

(ref. To 'Mrs. Piozzi') (see Note).
Lett. 62, p. 156

Lettres de Mme. De Sévigné- Author: Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise de Sévigné.
(ref. To 'La Mere Beauté') (see Note).
Lett. 96, p. 252

Leven, Lady- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 44, p. 105

Librarian- Prince Regent's
(see 'Clarke- James Stanier').

(ref. To 'her Library').
Lett. 14, p. 26

(ref. To 'the Library was').
Lett. 104, p. 267

(ref. To 'small Library there').
Lett. 132(A), P. 307

(ref. To 'your Library will be').
Lett. 144, p. 319

Library- Subscription
(ref. To 'subscriber to her Library').
Lett. 14, p. 26

(ref. To 'your Library').
Lett. 144, p. 319

Life of Nelson- (nonfiction) Author: Robert Southey
(ref. To' Southey's Life of Nelson') (see Note).
Lett. 91, p. 235

Life of Samuel Johnson- (nonfiction) Author: James Boswell
(ref. To 'Life of Johnson') (see Note).
Lett. 12, p. 22

(ref. To 'Charing Cross') (see Note).
Lett. 95, p. 250

Liquers- (see Wines and Liquors).

(ref. To 'Lisp and Indistinctness').
Lett. 114, p. 287

Litany- (part of the prayer service).
(ref. To 'on the Litany').
Lett. 60, p. 151

Liverpool Museum- (see Note).
Lett. 70, p. 179

Lord Bolton- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 13, p. 25

Lord Byron- (poet)
(ref. To 'the Corsair') (see Note).
Lett. 98, p. 257

Lord Carnavon- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 23, p. 50

Lord Craven- (See Biog. Index).
Lett. 30, p. 71
Lett. 32, p. 75

Lord Leven- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 44. p.105

Lord Henry Paget-
(ref. To 'the race of Pagets') (see Note).
Lett. 153, p. 333

Lord Portmore- (see Biog. Index).
(ref. To 'Lord Portmore's daughter').
Lett. 52, p. 127

Lord Portsmouth- (see Biog. Index).
Lett.24, p. 53

Lord St. Helens- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 138(A), p. 311

Lord St. Vincents- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 13, p. 23
Lett. 15, p. 29

Lord Spencer- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 13, p. 23
Lett. 15, p. 28, 29,31

Lord Torrington- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 31, p. 74

Lord Whitworth- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 86, p. 217

Lottery, National-
(ref. To 'a 16% of') (see Note).
Lett. 84, p. 210

Love and Friendship- (Juvenilia) Author: Jane Austen
(ref. To 'my own Coach') (see Note).
Lett. 105, p. 270

Love Interest- Jane Austen's
(see under: Austen,Jane- Romance)

Lozenges- (cough drop or candy).
(ref. To '4 boxes of lozenges').
Lett. 37, p. 87

Lyceum, The- (London)
Lett. 87, p. 218
Lett. 90, p. 230

Lyme, England- (resort town, officially known as Lyme Regis).
Lett. 39, p. 92-95

(ref. To 'those at Lyme') (see Note).
Lett. 57, p. 144

Lynch, Archdeacon- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 6, p. 9