A Subject Guide to the Le Faye Edition of Jane Austen's Letters


Quarterly Review- (magazine started by Sir Walter Scott).
Lett. 139, p. 313

Queen Elizabeth-
(to'Why are you like Queen Elizabeth').
Lett. 86, p. 214

Queen Mary's Lamentation- (music) (composer: Stephen Storace);
(the song by Stephen Storace was titled 'Lamentation of Queen Marie Antoinette; retitled 'Queen Mary's Lamentation by Jane Austen, a fan of Mary, Queen of Scots). (see Note).
Lett. 50, p. 118

(ref. To 'for the Patchwork').
Lett. 74, p. 191

(ref. To 'for a quilt').
Lett. 74, p. 314

(ref. To' place her quilt').
Lett. 149, p. 325