A Subject Guide to the Le Faye Edition of Jane Austen's Letters


Rabbit Net- (Making a)
(ref. To 'each about a rabbit net').
Lett. 91, p. 234

Radcliffe, Ann (author, wrote The Mysteries of Udolpho)
Lett. 97, p. 256

Ragout Veal- (spicy stew of meat and vegetables).
(ref. To 'some ragout veal').
Lett. 11, p. 20

Ramsgate, - (seaport in southeastern England)
(ref. To summer at Ramsgate').
Lett. 90, p. 231

(ref. To 'Lenham to Ramsgate').
Lett. 91, p. 234

(ref. To 'fixing at Ramsgate).
Lett. 92, p. 239

Regiment- 86th.
(ref. To' in the 86'.).
Lett. 1, p. 2

Rejected Addresses: or the New Theatrum Poetarum- (poetry)
(ref. To'the two Mr. Smith's' ). (see Note).
Lett. 78, p. 198

(ref. To 'Rejected Addresses').
Lett. 78, P. 199-200

Rent Day-
(ref. To The Rent-day is to be fixed').
Lett. 22, p. 47

(ref. To ' the Rentday makes it impossible').
Lett. 54, p. 135

(ref. To 'the Rent-day has been postponed').
Lett. 86, p. 217

Rent- Paying
(ref. To 'begs him to make Joseph Hall pay his rent'). (see Note).
Lett. 146, p. 323

Reynolds, Sir Joshua- (artist) (see Note).
Lett. 85, p. 212

(ref. To 'my head on one side'). (see Note).
Lett. 95, p. 250

Richard III- (play) Author: William Shakespeare
(ref. To 'see Young in Richard'). (see Note).
Lett. 99, p. 261

Richardson, Samuel- (author)
(ref. To 'in poor James Selby'). (see Note).
Lett. 39, p. 93

(ref. To 'Harriot Byron's feather'). (see Note).
Lett. 87, p. 220

(ref. To 'like Harriot Byron). (see Note).
Lett. 91, p. 234

Richmond, Duchess of-(see Biog. Index).
Lett. 153, p. 333

Riding School- (Bath, England)
(ref. To 'went to the same Ridinghouse'). (see Note).
Lett. 43, p. 99

Rivers, Lady- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 1, p. 1

(ref. To 'the Wylmots being robbed').
Lett. 32, p. 76

Robert, Lady- (see Note).
Lett. 87, p. 218

Robinson Crusoe- (novel) Author: Daniel Defoe (see Note).
Lett. 39, p. 95

Roden, Lady- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 44, p. 105

Roman Mythology-
(ref. To 'her sister in Lucina'). (see Note).
Lett. 89, p. 224

(ref. To' Diana's Temple'). (see Note).
Lett. 143, p. 317

Romance- Jane Austen's (see under: Austen, Jane-Romance).

Rosanne; or a Father's Labour Lost-(novel) Author: Laetitia Matilda Hawkins.
(ref. To 'Rosanne'). (see Note).
Lett. 118, p. 289

Rostock, Germany- (town on Baltic, in N.E. Germany)
(ref. To 'Rostock Market').
Lett. 90, p. 229

Royal Court-
(ref. To 'saw the ladies go to Court').
Lett. 52, p. 128

Royal Family- British
(ref. To 'supped with the Prince");(H.R.H. Prince William Frederick, 2nd Duke of Gloucester); (brother of King George III). (see Note).
Lett. 15, p. 30

(ref. To 'with the Prince of Wales'). (H.R.H. Prince George Augustus Frederick, Prince of Wales/Prince Regent; later King George IV). (see Note).
Lett. 31, p. 74

(ref. To 'with their Royal passenger'); (H.R.H. Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, sixth. son of George III). (see Note).
Lett. 34, p. 80

(ref. To 'who talks of Lady Augusta). (Lady Augusta Murray, Consort of the Duke of Sussex).
(see preceding Note).
Lett. 34, p. 80

(ref. To 'not seeing the Royal Fan'). (See Note).
Lett. 39, p. 92

(ref. To 'the Queen's Birthday); (Queen Charlotte, Consort of George III). (see Note).
Lett. 65, p. 167

(ref. To 'Gaieties of Tuesday); (King George III's birthday). (see Note).
Lett. 74, p. 190

(ref. To 'Selbourn Day); (King George III's birthday).
Lett. 74, p. 191

(ref. To 'on the Common'); . (King George III's birthday). (see Note).
Lett. 75, p. 193

(ref. To 'Princess of Wales's Letter'). (Princess Caroline, Consort of the Prince of Wales/Prince Regent). (see Note).
Lett. 82, p. 208

(ref. To 'celebrated Birthday'). (poss. Princess Sophia, daughter of George III). (see Note).
Lett. 95, p. 247

(ref. To '6 weeks mourning');(for the Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen Charlotte's brother). (see Note).
Lett. 98, p. 258

(ref. To 'Bow of the Prince's); (H.R. H. Prince George Augustus Frederick, Princeof Wales/Prince Regent; later King George IV).
Lett. 101, p. 263

(ref. To: ' to HRH the P.R."); (Prince of Wales/Prince Regent).
Lett. 125(D), p. 296

(ref. To 'the Regent'); (Prince of Wales/Prince Regent).
Lett. 125(A), p. 296

(ref. to 'did mention the P.R.'); (Prince of Wales/Prince Regent).
Lett. 128, p. 300

(ref. To 'to H.R.H., The Prince Regent'); (Prince of Wales[Prince Regent). (see Note).
Lett. 129, p. 304

(ref. To 'until the Marriage'); (marriage of Prince Regent's Daughter, Princess Charlotte of Wales). (see Note).
Lett. 138(A), p. 311
(See Also: under official titles-Duke of Gloucester, Duke of Sussex,etc.).

Royal Family- French
(ref. To 'the Duchess of Orleans'). (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 144, p. 319

(ref. To 'the Duke of Orleans'); (later King Louis Philippe, king From 1830-1848). (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 145, p. 321

Royal Family- Russian
(ref. To 'running after the Emperor); (Alexander I, Aleksandr Pavlovich, Emperor 1801-1825). (see Note).
Lett. 101, p. 263

(ref. To 'has seen the Emperor').
Lett. 102, p. 264

Royal Pavilion- (Brighton, England); (sea-side palace of the Prince Regent).
(ref. To 'Party at the Pavilion'). (see Note).
Lett. 132(A), p. 307

Rug-Making -
(ref. To 'Martha's rug is just finished').
Lett. 50, p. 118-119

(ref. To ' making out the star pattern').
Lett. 56, p. 141

(ref. To 'a rug for Uncle John's coffee urn').
Lett. 64, p. 163

(ref. To ' Charle's rug will be finished').
Lett. 64, p. 164