A Subject Guide to the Le Faye Edition of Jane Austen's Letters


Sacrament, The-
(ref. To 'she staid the Sacrament')
Lett. 53, p. 131

(ref. To 'both at the Sacrament').
Lett. 91, p. 234

Sain Foin- (plant of the pea family used for animal fodder).
(ref. To 'began cutting Stfoin).
Lett. 53, p. 130

Saint Helens, Lord- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 138(A), p. 311

St. James Church- (London)
(ref. To 'in St. James's Church').
Lett. 55, p. 138

(ref. To 'evening service at St. James).
Lett. 85, p. 212

St James Palace- (London); (see Topo. Index, under'London, subheading under 'Palace').
(ref. To 'at St James'). (see Note).
Lett. 7, p. 12

(ref. To 'in the Palace'). (see Note).
Lett. 52, p. 128

(ref. To 'read of the fire'). (see Note).
Lett. 67, p. 173

St. Lawrence, Lady Francis-(see Biog. Index).
Lett. 60, p. 151

St. Paul-
(ref. To 'St Paul's Shipwreck'). (see Note).
Lett. 90, p. 229

Saint Paul's (London)
(ref. To 'St Paul's Covent Garden').
Lett. 94, p. 246

(ref. To 'Deadmen's Shoes').
Lett. 7, p. 12

(ref. To 'she keeps the school').
Lett. 43, p. 101

Scotland- (country)
(ref. To 'scheme for Scotland').
Lett. 86, p. 215

(ref. To 'visit in Scotland').
Lett. 90, p. 230

Scott, Sir Walter-
(see under: Authors)

Sea Bathing-
(ref. To 'for her Bathing').
Lett. 6, P. 10

(ref. To 'I have bathed again this morning').
Lett. 39, p. 92

(ref. To 'The Bathing was delightful').
Lett. 39, p. 95

(ref. To 'if Sea-Bathing should be recommended').
Lett. 45, p. 107

Sea Fencibles, The- (Groups of local men recruited for coastal defense against a French invasion commanded by a naval officer. Jane Austen's brother, Frank, was at one time in command of a group of Sea Fencibles based at Ramsgate). (see Note).
Lett. 50, p. 121

Sea Kale- (a vegetable with Asparagus-like shoots).
(ref. To 'the Seacale will be').
Lett. 154, p. 334

Sedan Chair- (a chair carried on poles).
(ref. To 'travel in a Chair').
Lett. 20, p. 42

(ref. To 'oweing to the Chairmen').
Lett. 63, p. 160

(ref. To 'in a sedan-chair').
Lett. 161(C), p. 343

Selbourn Common- (village of Selbourne, England).
(ref. To 'on Selbourn Common') (see Note).
Lett. 74, p. 190

(ref. To 'the Selbourn Day').
Lett. 74, p. 191

(ref. To 'on the Common'). (see Note).
Lett. 75, p. 193

Self-Control, a Novel- Author: Mary Brunton
(ref. To 'Self-controul'). (see Note).
Lett. 72, p. 186

(ref. to 'I am looking over Self Control').(see Note).
Lett. 91, p. 234

(ref. To ' Imitation of "Self-control" ').
Lett. 111, p. 283

Sense and Sensibility- (novel)
(see under: Austen, Jane-Author).

(ref. To 'a sermon at home').
Lett. 60, p. 151

(ref. To 'an excellent Sermon').
Lett. 90, p. 231

Sermons- (In Book Form)
(ref. To 'Mr. Jefferson's case'). (see Note).
Lett. 52, p. 127

(ref. To 'sermons from Harnstall'). (see Note).
Lett. 65, p. 167

(ref. To 'Ed. Cooper's Sermons').
Lett. 66, p. 169

(ref. To 'Mr. Cooper's new Sermons'). (see Note).
Lett. 145, p. 322

Servant- (Drunken)
(ref. To 'turn away Cholles').
Lett. 67, p. 172

(refs. To "Nanny' and to 'without Keeping a servant').
Lett. 10, p. 17, 18.

(ref. To Nanny').
Lett. 12, p. 22

(ref. To 'new maid').
Lett. 13, p. 25

(ref. To 'Anne has just').
Lett. 60, p. 150-151

(ref. To 'two maids).
Lett. 29, p. 66

(ref. To 'Sally' and 'Nanny').
Lett. 33, p. 78, 79.

(ref. To 'Frank')
Lett. 35, p. 81

(ref. To 'Frank').(see Note).
Lett. 19, p. 40

(ref. To 'Mary's promised maid').
Lett. 24, p. 54

(ref. To 'James is a delight').
Lett. 39, p. 93

(ref. To 'Anne').
Lett. 43, p. 101

(ref. To' 'Jenny' and 'Molly).
Lett. 49, p. 116

(ref. To 'Mrs. Day).
Lett. 51, p. 123

(ref. To 'The Widow Kennet').
Lett. 52, p. 127

(ref. To 'Mr. Choles').
Lett. 56, p. 141

(ref. To 'Edward's Manservant) (see Note).
Lett. 61, p 153-154

(refs. To Nanny' and 'Hannah').
Lett. 62, p. 157

(refs. To 'John Binns' & 'the new Maidservant').
Lett. 64, p. 164

(ref. To 'talking to Eliza').
Lett. 66, p. 170

(ref. To 'turn away Cholles').
Lett. 67, p. 172

(ref. To 'our old Cook').
Lett. 74, p. 192

(ref. To 'Browning is quite').
Lett. 80, p. 204

(ref. To 'Housemaids Preparations').
Lett. 89, p. 225

(ref. To 'the Coachman').
Lett. 94, p. 245

(ref. To 'Mary Goodchild'). (see Note).
Lett. 102, p. 266

(ref. To 'Aunt Frank's Housemaid').
Lett. 108, p. 278

(ref. To 'the new Cook').
Lett. 121, p. 291

(ref. To 'our Browning').
Lett. 142, P. 316

(ref. To 'a maid' & 'Papillons Servants').
Lett. 142, p. 320

(ref. To 'Hannah & old Cook').
Lett. 145, p. 321

(ref. To 'a new Maidservant').
Lett. 155, p. 336

Betsie, a maidservant -- not named in any of the letters but listed in the Biographical Index on p. 497.

Several Discourses Preached at the Temple Church. Author: Thomas Sherlock.
(ref. To 'Sherlock's Sermons'). (see Note).
Lett. 108, p. 278

Sevigne, Mme. de- (author) (full name: Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise de Sevigne ).
(ref. To 'La mere Beaute '). (see Note).
Lett. 96, p. 252

(ref. To 'making Edward's shirts').
Lett. 4, p. 6-7

(ref. To 'some shirts to make up').
Lett. 13, p. 25

(ref. To 'gown' and 'trouble making it').
Lett. 19, p. 41

(ref. To "to send his shirts').
Lett. 24, p. 53

(ref. To 'made Martha's bonnet').
Lett. 37, p. 88-89

(ref. To 'the pincushions').
Lett. 47, p. 113

(ref. To 'gowns were cut out').
Lett. 49, p. 115

(ref. To 'just finished a Handkf').
Lett. 56, p. 140

(ref. To 'in sattin stitch!).
Lett. 65, p. 165

(ref. To 'the Threadpaper').
Lett. 76(C), p. 195

(ref. To 'button holes').
Lett. 98, p. 259

(ref. To 'make a pincushion').
Lett. 128, p. 301

Sewing- (By Males)
(ref. To 'his Cross-stitch').
Lett. 64, p. 163

Sewing- (Dressmaking)
(ref. To 'my new gown made up').
Lett. 4, p. 6

(ref. To 'progress in notting');
(knotted silk- mesh overlay for gowns).
Lett. 18, p. 38

(ref. To 'gown' & 'trouble making it').
Lett. 19, p. 41

(ref. To 'My Cloak came').
Lett. 24, p. 52

(ref. To 'has made my gown').
Lett. 27, p. 61-62

(ref. To 'brown cambric muslin for morning wear').
Lett. 33, p. 77

(ref. to 'a round gown').
Lett. 35, p. 83

(ref. To 'my dark gown').
Lett. 36, p. 85

(ref. To 'make her a cloak').
Lett. 37, p. 88-89

(ref. To 'yellow gown' and 'dark gown').
Lett. 38, p. 91-92

(ref. To 'crape sleeves').
Lett. 44, p. 103

(ref. To 'gowns were cut out').
Lett. 49, p. 115

(ref. To 'old silk pelisse').
Lett. 57, p. 143

(ref. To black pelisses into new').
Lett. 57, p. 145

(ref. To 'new gown made up').
Lett. 72, p. 187

(ref. To 'lilac sarsanet').
Lett. 98, p. 258

Sewing- (Workbags)
(ref. To 'parts of workbags').
Lett. 89, p. 227

Sexual Harassment-
(ref. To 'Mr. Holder').
Lett. 33, p. 78

(ref. To 'Miss Sharpe' and 'his scheme on her').
Lett. 102, p. 265

Shadwell, Thomas- (author)
(ref. To 'Don Juan');(play/ pantomime based on Shadwell's play 'The Libertine'). (see Note).
Lett. 87, p. 219

Shakespeare, William- (author)
(see under: Playwrights)

Sherlock, Thomas- (author)
(ref. To 'Sherlock's Sermons). (see Note).
Lett. 108, p. 278

(ref. To 'green shoes')
Lett. 17, p. 34

(ref. To 'ordering shoes').
Lett. 20, p. 42

(ref. To 'the Pink Shoes').
Lett. 23, p. 51

(ref. To 'white shoes').
Lett. 27, p. 61

(ref. To 'so well blacked).
Lett. 39, p. 93

(ref. To 'hope the shoes will fit').
Lett. 59, p. 147

(ref. To white shoes').
Lett. 63, p. 160

(ref. To your Boots').
Lett. 74, p. 191

Shylock- (character in Shakespeare's Merchant of venice).
(ref. To 'Shylock-a good play').
Lett. 79, p. 256

(ref. To 'many a Shylock').
Lett. 132(A), p. 307

Sickness- (Invalidism)
(ref. To 'her old tricks of ill health again').
Lett. 81, p. 206

Siddons, Mrs.- (actress) (see Note).
Lett. 71, p. 184

Sidmouth, England-
(ref. To 'Sidmouth is now talked of).
Lett. 30, p. 71

Sign Language- (for the Deaf)
(ref. To 'talked to him a little with my fingers').
Lett. 63, p. 160

Silk Stockings-
(ref. To 'of the 'silk stockings').
Lett. 1, p. 2

(ref. To '3 pair silk Stockings').
Lett. 70, p. 180

(ref. To 'Silk at 12 Shillings')
Lett, 88, p. 223

(ref. To '4 pair of Silk Stockings').
Lett. 128, p. 300

Silk Thread- (knotting); (poss. used for making knotted mesh-overlay for dresses).
(ref. To 'progress in notting').
Lett. 18, p. 38

Silver Coinage-
(ref. To 'new Silver Coinage'). (see Note).
Lett. 151, p. 328

(refs. To 'a whole Tablespoon' and 'silver Tea-Ladle').
Lett. 63, p. 161

Sin, Original- (Doctrine of)
(ref. To Doctine of Original Sin).

(see under: Music )

Sir Charles Grandison- (novel) Author: Samuel Richardson
(ref. To 'poor James Selby'). (see Note).
Lett. 39, p. 93

(ref. To 'Harriot Byron's feather'). (see Note).
Lett. 87, p. 220

(ref. To 'Like Harriot Byron'). (see Note).
Lett. 91, p. 234

Smallpox- (pamphlet)
(ref. To 'Dr. Jenner's pamphlet') (see Note).
Lett. 27, p. 62

Smith, Horatio- (author)
(ref. To 'the two Mr. Smiths'). (see Note).
Lett. 78, p. 198

(ref. To 'Rejected Addresses').
Lett. 78, p. 199-200

Smith, James- (author)
(ref. To 'the two Mr. Smiths'). (see Note).
Lett. 78, p. 198

(ref. To 'Rejected Addresses').
Lett. 78, p. 199-200

Smollett, Tobias- (author); (translator of the novel Gil Blas by French author, Rene Lesage).
(ref. To "Le Sage'). (see Note).
Lett. 132A), p. 307

Social Obligations-
(ref. To Miss Armstrong').
Lett. 44, p. 104

(ref. To' Miss Fowler').
Lett. 50, p. 120

(ref. To 'pay my two visits').
Lett. 84, p. 211

(ref. To 'Edward's family-visit').
Lett. 90, p. 232

(ref. To 'paid their visit of duty').
Lett. 91, p. 233

Sunset House Exhibition- (Art, London)
(ref. To Great Exhibition'). (see Note).
Lett. 85, p. 212-213

Sondes, Lady- (see Biog. Index).
Lett. 6, p. 9
Lett. 63, p. 159, 161

Souse- (pickled food, especially the feet, ears and head of a pig).
(ref. To 'some cold souse'). (see Note).
Lett. 2, p. 4

Southampton, England- (Fire at).
(ref. To 'the Flames').
Lett. 57, p. 143-144

Southampton,England)- (Weather at)
(ref. To 'Snow" & severe March)
Lett. 51, p. 123-124

(refs. To blown a gale' & 'delightful days').
Lett. 57, p. 144-145

(ref. To 'a Prince of days').
Lett. 61, p. 155

(ref. To 'Snow on the Ground').
Lett. 63, p. 162

Southey, Robert- (author)
(ref. To 'Espriella's Letters'). (see Note).
Lett. 56, p. 141

(ref. To 'Life of Nelson). (see Note).
Lett. 91, p. 235

(ref. To 'Poets Pilgrimage to Waterloo'). (see Note).
Lett. 150(C), p. 327-328

Spillikins- (the game of Jackstraws)
(ref. To 'at Spillikins)
Lett. 50, p. 120

(ref. To'& Spillikins').
Lett. 56, p. 140

Spinning Wheel-
(ref. To 'Caroline's Spinning Wheel').
Lett. 2, p. 4

(ref. To 'I could never use it').
Lett. 74, p. 190

Spouse Abuse-
(ref. To 'Mrs. Holder').
Lett. 92, p. 238

Spruce Beer- (brewing)
Lett. 57, p. 143
Lett. 62, p. 156

Stael, madame de- (full name: Anna Louise de Stael).
(ref. To'Corinna'). (see Note).
Lett. 63, p. 161

(ref. To 'Car of Falkenstein'). (see Note).
Lett. 76(C), p. 195

Stanhope, Admiral-(see Biog. Index).
Lett. 36, p. 86

Steele's Lavender Water- (perfume/ toilet water).
Lett. 31, p. 72

Sterne, Lawrence- (author)
(ref. To 'Uncle Toby's Annuity). (see Note).
Lett. 39, p. 93

Steventon, England- (weather at) (ref. To 'great deal of raid).
Lett. 10, p. 17

(ref. To 'hard black Frosts').
Lett. 14, p. 26

(ref. To 'a dreadful storm').
Lett. 25, p. 57-58

(ref. To 'this cold weather').
Lett. 33, p. 77-78

Stock- (purchase of)
(ref. To 'purchase of stock').
Lett. 49, p. 116

Stockings- Darning
(ref. To 'Mrs. Armstrong sat darning').
Lett. 39, p. 94

Stockings- Silk
(ref. To of the silk stockings').
Lett. 1, p. 2

(ref. To '3 pair of silk Stockings')
Lett. 70, P. 180

(ref. To 'Silk at 12 Shillings').
Lett. 88, p. 223

(ref. To '4 pair of Silk Stockings')
Lett. 128, p. 300

Storace, Stephen- (composer, and friend of Mozart);
(ref. To 'Queen Mary's Lamentation'). (see Note).
Lett. 50, p. 118

Sugar- (in Loaf-form)
(ref. To 'this new Loaf).
Lett. 91, p. 235

(ref. To 'a Compass & Sun-dial')
Lett. 42, p. 98

(ref. To'& broken by supper').
Lett. 53, p. 131

(ref. To 'a Hot Supper at 11').
Lett. 74, p. 191

(ref. To 'and capital Surgeons').
Lett. 159, p. 340

Surplice- (robe worn by Anglican clergy).
(ref. To 'makes a very superb surplice')
Lett. 4, p. 6

Susan- (novel);(eventually became Northanger Abbey).
(ref. To 'Novel in 2 vol entitled Susan').
Lett. 68(D), p. 174

(ref. To 'entitled Susan').
Lett. 68(A), p. 175

(ref. To 'as Sweden').
Lett. 18, p. 214-215

(ref. To 'King of Sweden).
Lett. 90, p. 229

Sweden- (Kings of)
(ref. To Gustavus-Vasa & Charles 12th'). (see Note).
Lett. 86, p. 214

(ref. To 'King of Sweden').
Lett. 90, p. 229

Sweden- (Queen of)
(ref. To' Christina'). (see Note).
Lett. 86, p. 214

Sweetbrier- (semi-climbing rose with fragrant leaves & pink flowers); (Rosa Eglanteria).
(ref. To 'are only sweetbrier').
Lett. 50, p. 119

Swift, Jonathon- (author) (ref. To 'Yahoo'). (see Note).
Lett. 22, p. 47

(ref. To 'into Switzerland').
Lett. 159, p. 341

Sydney Gardens- (Bath)
(ref. To 'in Sydney Gardens').
Lett. 19, p. 41
Lett. 20, p. 43
Lett. 22, p. 47

(ref. To 'the Grand Sydney-Garden Breakfast').
Lett. 44, p. 103

Sydney Garden Breakfast- ( Bath) (ref. To 'public Breakfast in Sydney Gardens!).
Lett. 19, p. 41

(ref. To 'the Grand Sydney-Garden Breakfast').
Lett. 44, p. 103

Sykes, Mrs. Henrietta- (author) (ref. To "in Margiana'). (see Note).
Lett. 64, p. 164

(ref. To 'Syllabub, Tea, Coffee').
Lett. 74, p. 191