A Subject Guide to the Le Faye Edition of Jane Austen's Letters


Tartuffe- (play) Author: Moliere
(ref. To 'the Hypocrite'). (see Note).
Lett. 71, p. 184

Taxes- (on vehicles)
(ref. To 'in their Tax-cart'). (see Note).
Lett. 78, p. 198

(refs. To 'China Tea' & 'she may talk till she is as black in the face as her own Tea').
Lett. 74, p. 191

(ref. To 'green tea').
Lett. 86, p. 216

Tea- (Dandelion)
(ref. To 'about the Dandelion Tea').
Lett. 10, p. 16

Thanet- (N.E. Corner of the County of Kent, England).
(ref. To 'post haste from Thanet').
Lett. 48(C), p. 113

Theatre-Box- (London)
(ref. To 'were in a private Box'). Lett. 87, p. 218

(refs. To 'Covent Garden').
Lett. 87, p. 219
Lett. 90, p. 230

(ref. To 'Drury Lane').
Lett. 97, p. 256

(refs. To 'the Lyceum').
Lett. 71, p. 184
Lett. 87, p. 218

Thrale, Mrs- (married name of author);
(see under Hester Lynch Piozzi).

Tippet- (a scarf-like garment worn around the neck with long ends hanging down').
(ref. To 'my Ermine Tippet').
Lett. 98, p. 260

Tipping- (gratuity)
(ref. To 'I shall give to Richis'). (see Note).
Lett. 5, p. 8

(ref. To 'raising his Tythes').
Lett. 29, p. 69

(ref. To 'if Thythes were taken').
Lett. 132(A), p. 307

Topaz Crosses-
(ref. To 'Gold chains & Topaz Crosses'). (see Note).
Lett. 38, p. 91

Torrington, Lord-
Lett. 31, p. 74

The Tour of Dr. Syntax in Search of the Picturesque: a Poem Author: William Combe (ref. To 'as Dr. Syntax'). (see Note).
Lett. 97, p. 256

(ref. To ' doll's-beds').
Lett. 18, p. 39

(ref. To 'dressing a new doll').
Lett. 24, p. 54

(ref. To 'bringing her a doll').
Lett. 46, p. 110

(ref. To 'paper ships').
Lett. 60, p. 150

(ref. To 'little wax doll').
Lett. 140, p. 314
(see also: Games).

Transparencies- (a picture or design that is visible when light shines through it).
(ref. To 'Mr. Bramston's Transparencies').
Lett. 23, p. 50

Travels in Iceland- (nonfiction) Author: Sir George Steuart Mackenzie
(ref. To 'and Mackenzies'). (see Note).
Lett. 78, p. 199

'Lombary Poplars'-
Lett. 19, p. 41

(ref. To 'fine chesnuts')
Lett. 23, p. 49

(ref. To 'the Elm Walk').
Lett. 23, p. 51

'Thorns'; (Hawthorne trees).
Lett. 23, p. 51

'Beech' -
Lett. 23, p. 51

'Ash' -
Lett. 23, p. 51

'Larch' -
Lett. 23, p. 51

'Elms' -
Lett. 25, p. 57-58

Lett. 25, p. 57

'firs' -
Lett. 25, p. 57

'spruce fir' -
Lett. 25, p. 57

'Horse chestnuts' -
Lett. 71, p. 184

Lett. 71, p. 184

'Mulberry trees'-
Lett. 74, p. 190

'Beech' -
Lett. 74, p. 191

'Apricot' -
Lett. 74, p. 192

(ref. To 'roots of the old Beach'); (Beech).
Lett. 91, p. 235

Tristam Shandy- (novel) Author: Lawrence Sterne
(ref. To 'uncle Toby's annuity). (see Note).
Lett. 39, p. 93

Tubal- (character in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice).
(ref. To 'scene with Tubal').
Lett. 98, p. 258

(ref. To 'at almost every Turnpike').
Lett. 35, p. 81

Two Sermons on the Reasonableness, and Salutary Effects of Fearing God, as Governor and Judge of the World; Also an Essay, Intended as a Vindication of Divine Justice, and a Moral Administration. Author: Thomas Jefferson; (English clergyman).
(ref. To 'Mr. Jefferson's case'). (see Note).
Lett. 52, p. 127